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Parking Is a Con, Know Different Ways to Improve Parking Scarcity

Parking areas are continuously growing and the number of vehicles being operated is doubling in numbers. All the areas represent indoor and outdoor parking spaces. The parking lots in the public facilities have now become sophisticated, featuring automated exit/entry system and this includes a cash register with video surveillance system and automated barriers.

Parking areas that are in the city center are the top class parking spaces. In fact, this includes the areas near places of attraction and interest such as places adjacent to theaters, museums, railway stations, holy places of visit, hospitals, clinics, and all such places of importance. These are the places where parking is huge, yet is always under constraint. These parking areas are top class and there are video surveillance systems installed.

Parking areas normally located away from the city center are adjacent to important institutions, convention centers, corporate facilities, administrative units, and so on. These parking spaces also have a registering system and video surveillance installed. Here, the vehicles are parked for a restricted time and the charges are doubled when you extend the parking time.

Generally, there are parking facilities on the city outskirts as well. These are mostly huge spaces and here the users can park their vehicles for a longer time, such as entire day and the charge is not much than the bus rides. Nowadays, parking is done in one huge space featuring elevators to transport vehicles to parking spaces on floors. Such areas have automated machines for payment.

Parking tickets are issued on entry to each visitor and they are expected to pay, while some collect the payment on exit. On weekends the parking is more of a problem. In fact, there are parking spaces allotted for regular visitors and such parking spaces are not assigned to others, even during holidays.

Some of the ways to improve scarcity is by:

Improving pedestrian paths and accessibility enveloping the parking space so that it is convenient to walk to the destination. Thus reducing the parking space inconvenience.
Making appropriate usage of space and the parking management should take good care in making maximum use of public transportation so that it benefits.
The motorists also should be charged the same as other vehicles for space. This will restrict the number of motorists or they will make wise use of the space.
The commercial districts parking spaces should be high-priced to ascertain the space of users.
Progressive prices are helpful as it discourages people from long-term parking. Places that discount for long-term counting should be avoided; instead, they should escalate the parking prices, so that the space is freed quickly.
Time variable pricing should be introduced such that the peak hours charges are high and so its demand.
Monthly or weekly pricing should be allotted for long-term users and they will be residents or employees.

Car Enthusiasts, Rejoice!

There is finally a quick, convenient way to protect your ride from the elements. It can take significant time and money to maintain a car’s good condition. If you don’t have a garage or covered parking, it becomes an even bigger challenge!

Protect your vehicle’s value with this one accessory. The car umbrella keeps your car cool, clean, and classy. Shield your car from pesky bird droppings, billowing dust, damaging acid rain, and excess heat all within about thirty seconds. The best part? You can do this with the help of a remote!

The car umbrella is like a portable tent that you can easily carry with you. Portability is no problem. The easy close and storage features leave only a width of 85 cm and a total weight of 6 kg. It allows plenty of trunk space for your next trip.

The car umbrella maintains an indoor temperature of up to 35 degrees cooler than a car without an umbrella. No more steering wheel burns or excruciating seats! Use it at the beach, outside the workplace, or while you’re waiting for someone. The double windproof design shields the car from the sun while allowing the wind to blow underneath, keeping the car cool.

The one-click setup works within a distance of up to 98 feet by remote control. The open and close process takes a mere eight seconds, with the total installation an astonishing thirty seconds. Expand the umbrella to fully cover the car by the time you walk indoors. Fully open, the umbrella covers 2,100 mm by 4,0000 mm.

The car umbrella is smart and stable, creating a smooth open and close motion. No awkward inside-out fumbling around. The umbrella is secured to your car safely with four adjustable wind ropes. The fit is secure enough to endure strong winds, and the anti-theft design includes wire within the ropes to prevent cutting.

The wind ropes are secure and adjustable to suit your car’s needs. The umbrella fits several car sizes including sedan, hatchback, small, and luxury. Feeling stylish? The umbrella comes in three colors or creates your own. The high-quality materials and TPU soft circle keep your car’s surface scratch-free. The car umbrella was made with your car in mind. Even the windproof snaps are made from copper, leaving no rust from the sun or rain.

Just how stable can a car umbrella be? Try military-grade fiberglass rods and a high-quality polycarbonate frame. The suction holds strong at 60-70 kg of pull for stability. There is an automated and semi-automatic version available. The automated car umbrella contains a 12-volt battery and eight slots brushed motor. Charge the battery once a month for the ultimate convenience. As for the remote controls, they power the car umbrella back into the canister after use. Using a wiring system as well as two AA batteries, the remote control utilizes one button to retract the cover back into storage.

Protecting your car has never been so simple or fun. Keep your car’s value strong and appearance sharp by using the car umbrella.

Why Have Parking Sensors?

With the average car becoming wider, longer and taller and parking spaces getting constricted, having parking sensors in your vehicle could never be more important. Painted bumps and extra accessories look smart but a small scuff or dent will dig a hole in your pocket. Here comes the parking sensor into the picture! This device is invented to help people in parking at those “just enough” spaces.

How do they work?

The parking sensors are generally fitted at the rear and on the sides of your car. They function by verifying the distance between the obstacle and sensor by bouncing off electromagnetic or ultrasonic waves. Then, it displays the distance on the screen installed in your car.

Types of parking sensors

There are three kinds of parking sensors available:

• Electromagnetic Parking Sensors
• Ultrasonic Parking Sensors
• Rear Facing Cameras

– Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

It is a fantastic technology as it helps the driver to manoeuvre and park the vehicle without any fuss. These parking sensors create the electromagnetic field around the vehicle in which they are installed, detecting obstacles around it once the car starts moving. As soon as an obstacle is detected, they trigger a warning/alarming sound. The technology has become far better as today you won’t even find a small hole in bumpers. Sensors are invisible as they are installed in the baggage area, yet effective!

If we talk about these sensors deeply, we get to know that they are highly used for tow bars, cycle racks, etc. Also, the electromagnetic sensors have wider detection range coverage than any other sensors.

– Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Ultrasonic parking sensors are being used in various applications like burglar alarms, fish finders, and of course, parking sensors. Do you know what does ultrasound means? It is an acoustic wave with such a high frequency (20 kHz) that a human being is not able to hear. Let’s look at its role in the parking sensors. Ultrasonic parking sensors are microphone or speakers that emit or receive ultrasound waves also known as sound waves. A beeping signal is when an obstacle is found around the car and it beeps even faster when the car approaches another object.

To achieve parallel parking, this system controls braking, acceleration and steering automatically. If you want the rear protection too, then mount two or four ultrasonic sensors on the rear bumper to notify obstacles up to 2 to 2.5m away.

– Rear facing cameras

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional driver, rear facing cameras will surely help you in parking your vehicle in more effective way. Rear facing parking cameras give you the clear view of the road behind your car, covering every blind spot in the parking area. They automatically switch on when you swap the gear to reverse. These sensors get activated themselves and alert the driver about the distance of object behind the car. With these rear facing cameras, parking becomes easier and safer.

Kinds of Alerts

People want their vehicle safe from any damages or scratches while parking yet they are distracted by something or the other, due to which they end up paying for their carelessness. When you are using the device, be active about the alerts and listen to each and every audible warning carefully. You will be able to notice that the intervals between beeps become shorter as the car comes closer to the obstacle.

Deciphering various combinations of beeps

• Low-toned beeps indicate that obstacle is close to the rear bumper.
• High-toned, continuous beeps indicate that obstacle is close to the front bumper.

Tips for an effective usage

• Always make sure that the sensors are clean and clear of any obstructions like dirt or snow. Any suspended particle on the sensors may lead to their dysfunctioning and they may not detect obstacles effectively.
• Be active while parking and do listen to each and every alert carefully.
• Rely on yourself more than relying on parking sensors as they may not detect unwanted flat objects while parking.

Efficacy of installing parking sensor in your vehicle

If you are wondering that whether installing parking sensors is advantageous or not, then the correct answer is a big YES! This device will help you in parking safely even in a constricted parking space. It helps you in detecting every object that is out of your vision. It gets activated as soon as you start parking your car by putting it in the reverse gear. You won’t need extra holes in your bumpers to install these parking sensors as with the new technology, they are invisible.