Car Enthusiasts, Rejoice!

There is finally a quick, convenient way to protect your ride from the elements. It can take significant time and money to maintain a car’s good condition. If you don’t have a garage or covered parking, it becomes an even bigger challenge!

Protect your vehicle’s value with this one accessory. The car umbrella keeps your car cool, clean, and classy. Shield your car from pesky bird droppings, billowing dust, damaging acid rain, and excess heat all within about thirty seconds. The best part? You can do this with the help of a remote!

The car umbrella is like a portable tent that you can easily carry with you. Portability is no problem. The easy close and storage features leave only a width of 85 cm and a total weight of 6 kg. It allows plenty of trunk space for your next trip.

The car umbrella maintains an indoor temperature of up to 35 degrees cooler than a car without an umbrella. No more steering wheel burns or excruciating seats! Use it at the beach, outside the workplace, or while you’re waiting for someone. The double windproof design shields the car from the sun while allowing the wind to blow underneath, keeping the car cool.

The one-click setup works within a distance of up to 98 feet by remote control. The open and close process takes a mere eight seconds, with the total installation an astonishing thirty seconds. Expand the umbrella to fully cover the car by the time you walk indoors. Fully open, the umbrella covers 2,100 mm by 4,0000 mm.

The car umbrella is smart and stable, creating a smooth open and close motion. No awkward inside-out fumbling around. The umbrella is secured to your car safely with four adjustable wind ropes. The fit is secure enough to endure strong winds, and the anti-theft design includes wire within the ropes to prevent cutting.

The wind ropes are secure and adjustable to suit your car’s needs. The umbrella fits several car sizes including sedan, hatchback, small, and luxury. Feeling stylish? The umbrella comes in three colors or creates your own. The high-quality materials and TPU soft circle keep your car’s surface scratch-free. The car umbrella was made with your car in mind. Even the windproof snaps are made from copper, leaving no rust from the sun or rain.

Just how stable can a car umbrella be? Try military-grade fiberglass rods and a high-quality polycarbonate frame. The suction holds strong at 60-70 kg of pull for stability. There is an automated and semi-automatic version available. The automated car umbrella contains a 12-volt battery and eight slots brushed motor. Charge the battery once a month for the ultimate convenience. As for the remote controls, they power the car umbrella back into the canister after use. Using a wiring system as well as two AA batteries, the remote control utilizes one button to retract the cover back into storage.

Protecting your car has never been so simple or fun. Keep your car’s value strong and appearance sharp by using the car umbrella.